The Egyptian Poultry Association


  • When the Avian Flu crisis hit the world, and countries started to suffer, panic started in Egypt. With the media delivering the news with extensive coverage, the relevant authorities could only confirm that there was no epidemic in Egypt, but gave no information or answers.
  • As a result, it became everyone’s business and everyone became an authority’. Wide-ranging, inaccurate inconsistent recommendations were circulating, out of control.
  • Rumors started confirming that the epidemic has reached Egypt. E-mails and sms confirmed the rumors and warned consumers about eating chicken and eggs.
  • Consumers were left with exaggerated and wrong information, consequently, consumption and prices dropped heavily in 10 days.


The strategy was built on education, reassurance and awareness;

  • Credibility & reassurance; provided consumers with a credible source of information that they would listen to and believe in, the Egyptian Poultry association.
  • Education: presented all the scientific facts about the Avian flue
  • Awareness; raised the importance of saving such an important industry; the number of Egyptians employed, size of industry and contribution to economy, size, state of the art quality and preventative precautions.


  • Aggressive 3 months campaign to change the media position through regular media activities and 3rd party endorsements and experts
  • Held a press briefing presenting the EPA, ministry of health, independent medical center to brief and explain the current situation in Egypt. This was the first official briefing on the issue.
  • Throughout the 3 months’ campaign, the EPA was present in every key media, whether it was key talk shows, or newspapers. This established them as the authoritative, credible body in the poultry industry.
  • Independent 3rd party experts were also present in the media to confirm and endorse EPA statements.
  • Seeing is believing; Organized several media field visits to poultry farms to educate and report the industry size, precautions, preventive measures.
  • Monitoring daily consumption figures and prices and reporting to the media


  • The media position shifted 180 degrees to supporting the EPA statements.
  • In only 3 months consumption increased by 30% and prices reached target levels.