The NADA Initiative For Safer Egyptian Roads

4PR Group has been the PR arm for The Nada Road Safety Foundation since its launch in February 2013. Since the launch of the foundation, we have created different campaigns, partnered in several events and generated ample coverage in TV, Radio as well as print and online news mediums. Not only that, but 4PR Group is the creative consultant of the foundation for all branding materials.

The Nada for Safer Egyptian Roads initiative is launched in loving memory of Nada and every other precious life lost on the road in tragic accidents. The foundation is an initiative addressing the growing problem of road injuries and fatalities. The foundation aims to reach its goals in four phases:

  1. Raise awareness of the existence of the foundation, in addition to raising awareness on the magnitude of the road traffic injury and fatality burden in Egypt.
  2. Implement campaigns to attract volunteers and create awareness of the impact of irresponsible and dangerous driving.
  3. Engage with other stakeholders including civil society, the private sector and the government.
  4. Sustainability of the outreach.

For more information:

NADA-RdSafety Website

The-NADA-Initiative-For-Safer-Egyptian-Roads Facebook Page