The Ministry of Tourism, Egypt –
Tourism National Awareness  Program


  • Tourism is one of Egypt’s most strategic and most promising industries. Its growth is crucial to the realization of the nation’s development goals (increased employment, national income, foreign currency, foreign direct investment, etc…). Unfavorable attitudes and behaviors towards adversely affect the Egypt travel experience and hence the decision to select Egypt as a travel destination. In turn, this discourages repeat visits and the recommendation of Egypt to friends and family.
  • The Ministry of Tourism initiated a Tourism National Awareness Program (TNAP). It highlighted the objectives of generating a broad level of awareness of the importance of tourism and the role it plays in economic growth, and enhancing quality of life in Egypt.
  • As well as sensitizing the Egyptian public towards tourists and tourism by reinventing, re-installing, re-enforcing an embracing and welcoming tourism environment. This of course means positive attitudes and types of behavior throughout the fabric and the Egyptian society, in particular, at points of contact with tourists.
  • This was a 5 years program; which was composed of four components; advertising, public relations, training and research.



  • Positioned as a National campaign with high profile political leadership involvement
  • Emotional, rational and patriotic approach in communications
  • Engaged and partnered with different government authorities, industry leaders and media channels
  • Developed a Fully integrated multi-dimensional PR campaign, which creatively connects and impacts the target group to the national cause.



  • Extensive media campaign with media partners and non partners
  • Mega Launch event and press conference
  • The Egyptian ambassdor to tourism “awards program”
  • Video clip and song aired for free on all Egyptian national and prvate TV and Radio channels
  • Aired a mini series tackling 30 problems in dealing with tourists
  • Educational / fun school program and road show



  • Although it is a long term campaign to change behaviour, the activities and the extensive media buzz created a very strong dialouge in the different circles in the country including the parlament and the importance finding legistlations to support the tourism sector.