Health and Hope Oasis

4PR Group proudly supported Health and Hope oasis through a creative PR campaign to Introduce Health & Hope Oasis as the first nutritional & recreational center in Egypt for children with cancer and assisted with calls for donations.

Health and Hope Oasis (HHO) provides a convalescing place (halfway house) for children with cancer in a healthy environment. It also assists in raising the awareness of the parents regarding the importance of completing the medication courses, safe hygienic practices to control secondary infections and in providing appropriate nutrition. The Center can host 250 – 300 children and their family members, (particularly those from remote places), for periods ranging from 3-12 weeks as needed to complete the treatment and for the recovery process. The Center provides a recreational outlet for all children with cancer.

HHO provides temporary employment opportunities for parents of children with cancer on the farm and the neighboring farms, as well as training in income generation activities that they can use when back in their own villages.

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