Fresh Food Market


Opening of Fresh Food Market network, the  first gourmet retailer in Egypt that offers a premium shopping experience.
Very targeted audience- the niche who are looking for a fulfilling, unique and relaxing shopping experience.
Develop communications that is very targeted, creates strong buzz and not intimidating to the public.



  • A buzz online and strong word of mouth among the Egyptian niche
    Invite Egypt’s top foodies, bloggers, and online magazines  to attend the opening
    Very creative invitation with FFM selected products
    A first hand experience that was translated on social media…..



  • 35 invitees from the list of influencers and magazines showed up on the event

  • 80 stories were published on social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) covering all the aspects of the FFM experience

  • 7,420 online fans interacted with the social media  stories through likes and comments

  • 60,000+ online fans were reached through the social media stories

  • 2 articles were published in Cairo Hub and Identity Magazine  in the week 4th of Feb and 11th of Feb