Leading the liberal Movement with 16 seats in the Parliament

After the 25th Egyptian Revolution the free Egyptian Party was formed to lead the liberal movement in the new Egyptian political scene. 4PR special task force (Strategic, media re-locations, social media experts) led a 5 months aggressive PR campaign to launch position and communicate party positions and messages. As well as build the profiles and reputation of party parliamentary candidates.

Challenges were not limited to building party image and position , securing coverage or even profiling party spokespeople and candidates in a very volatile and a changing environment and scene . Challenges extended to support Egyptian Bloc alliance during elections and manage the ongoing crisis situations of all candidates while maintain the strong media support.

In 5 months;

  • FEP had the major share of voice among all parties (minimum of 40-30 clippings/day)
  • Number of TV appearances only 203 in major talk shows
  • The Party won 16 seats in parliament
  • The Egyptian Bloc Alliance won 38 seats in Parliament