El Sabah hospital CSR project

El Sabbah Hospital back to serve the Suez community thanks to DPW Sokhna

4PR Group initiated a CSR project for DPW Sokhna with the objective of bridging the gap between the company and the Suez community, where the company is located. 4PR Group responsibly started from Suez community needs research, identifying strategic direction & idea, identifying stakeholders, managing ministry of health till the launch and on going PR support of the sabbah hospital.

Outcome of signing ceremony of ministry of health and launch of the project

  • High coverage by the media talking about the project
  • Total number of clippings: 109
  • 7 Articles in national papers
  • 4 Articles in Party papers
  • 98 Articles in Independent papers
  • Raising the profile of DPWS in Suez and nationally