Cultural Hub Opening

Brief & Objective:

  • Celebrating the opening of Alburouj Cultural Hub Operated by El Sawy Culturalwheel
  • A concert hosting the legendary Omar Kahirat and Ramzi Yassa as a guest of honor


  • Building on that Alburouj is transforming the development concept in Egypt by creating its first fully integrated community
  • Positioning Alburouj as the east hub for a wide range of activities and cultural events that hosts several workshops, seminars, art exhibitions and movie shows.
  • A Press conference was held al Alburouj Cultural Hub prior to the concert


  • Alburouj is not only residential; it is a cultural destination
  • CGP created a new east cultural hub at Alburouj
  • 150 clippings that generated 2,235,663,113 impressions
  • Organic coverage from media turning them to influencers
  • Strong positive sentiment