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4PR Group Cooperates with Ahl Masr Foundation in the Campaign of ”Donate to Color a life”
The Aim is to Establish the First Burns Hospital in the Middle East

Cairo – June 2016 – 4PR Group for Public Relations announced itscooperation with Ahl Masr Foundation in launching the campaign of “Donate to Color a Life” during the holy month of Ramadan. The aim of the campaign is to support the project of Ahl Masr hospital that treats all sorts of burns for free for the first time in the Middle East.

The idea of the campaign, presented by 4PR Group, is based on the usage of colors and its marvelous effects. The events and the activities of the“donate to color a life” campaign vary from outdoor advertisements,flyers distributed in public places, some interactive social media activities, and other distinctive activities that encourage everybody to donate in the account number 9899 in all the Egyptian banks.

In this regard, Mrs. Rania Azab, Chairperson of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director of 4PR Group, said, “in 4PR we believe in the importance of social responsibility and we consider it an obligation towards the society. This was why we were enthusiastic to work and cooperate with Ahl Masr Foundation in the preparation for this creative camping that aims to establish the first burns hospital that offers treatments for free in the Middle East.

Azab mentioned the philosophy of using colors in the campaign when she said; “we know the positive impact colors have on the soul and the messages of hope colors bring all around. Therefore, we used the language of bright colors to make children, who were exposed to burns, feel happy, and to encourage all the categories of the society to participate in this distinctive campaign that would create a new life, full of hope and optimism, for these children.

Azzab added, “we always seek to support responsible organizations through our projects to serve the society. We have supported the Health and Hope Oasis that supports children who have cancer. This is in addition to our cooperation with Nada Foundation for Safer Egyptian Roads to combat the street accidents. Today, we are offering support to Ahl Masr Foundation, as we believe in the importance of what the foundation presents that fulfill a need within the Egyptian society. We will always work to serve and empower serious organizations depending on our experience in the field of public relations that exceeds 10 years working in the Egyptian market.

From her side, Heba El Sweedy, the Founder and Head of the Board of Trustees of Ahl Masr Foundation expressed her happiness towards the cooperation with 4PR Group. She said “ 4PR Group is one of the leading companies in the field of public relations in Egypt and they have many successful and meaningful campaigns. We are always looking forward, in Ahl Masr Foundation, to cooperate with successful organizations and companies each in his specialization, to provide the Egyptian society with ideas and services that contribute in solving the problems of the people in Egypt.

It is worth mentioning that burns are considered to be among the most neglected injuries in Egypt despite its severeness and its long-term effects on both the physical and the physiological levels. Burns are considered among the most common injuries in Egypt and one of the highest problems that cause death. According to the World Health Organization, burns is considered the third reason for death in Egypt. The number of victims of burns in Egypt is estimated to 80,000 every year. This is equal to 300 victims everyday.